At Clark Brands, we have respect for the independent spirit with which you operate. We provide solutions to unbranded locations who have chosen to use their own brand to market products to consumers.

Our experience processing payments and the programs we provide will help you to focus your time to run your store your way. Clark Brands is an honest company to work with and will not hide or misguide you on fees for our programs. We provide the same service to you that we do for our branded stores every day.

Are you being billed the fees that you thought you were supposed to be billed? We have seen examples of our competition adding hidden fees. These hidden fees come in various forms:

  • Charging for transactions that are not sales including excessive authorization fees
  • Fees for settling transactions on top of processing fees
  • Higher than published interchange rates
  • Access Fees that have profit built into them

With the On The Go Payment Processing Solution, you pay what you should be paying. Interchange rates, assessment fees, surcharges and access fees are straight pass-thru fees.

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