Clark Crown Gift Cards

The Clark Crown Gift Card is accepted at all participating Clark and Crown locations. Gift cards help build consumer loyalty and increase total spend! They are also a great tool for building business-to-business partnerships.

Gift cards have been America’s most popular gift choice since 2007. Nearly two-thirds of all consumers have received gift cards over the holidays and 69% of those cardholders spent more than the value on the card they received.

Major Benefits:

  • Sell more goods and increase the spend amount. Studies show that consumers often spend more than the amount on their gift cards
  • Increase consumer loyalty by driving traffic back to your station
  • Proper administration of your gift card program can build customer loyalty and goodwill
  • Increase local customer base and brand awareness by partnering with nearby organizations


  • The gift card can be used at the dispenser or in-store
  • Reloadable – add more money to the card
  • Option to load card to Save Every Mile Mobile Application and use as a digital gift card
  • Paid with your daily credit card sales
  • Lower transaction fees than a credit card transaction
  • Processed through most existing POS systems*
  • Multiple package options available to fit your needs

Tips to help increase gift card sales:

  • Build awareness of your gift card program through in-store advertising.
  • Make sure your store personnel mentions the program to customers.
  • Increase the number of gift card displays in your stores. Place a gift card display near each register.
  • Run holiday promotions that include gift cards as consumer incentives.

Clark Crown Gift Card Program Guide and POS Information