Clark Station

Clark Brands LLC, based in Lisle, IL, licenses the Clark gasoline brand and the Four Corners Coffee brand to independent petroleum marketers and retailers throughout the United States. Clark Licensees manage their own petroleum supply, purchasing at their lowest available cost each day. Our brand is not tied to supply, so there are no concerns with market withdrawals or exits and Clark licensees are not limited by long-term contracts or "fixed" pricing.

Clark Brands offers a complete payments processing program, comprehensive image and sign packages and numerous marketing programs that add value for our customers. Clark customers get everything they expect from a brand without the restrictions.

Once primarily a Great Lakes region company, today Clark Brands operates in 30 states and the District of Columbia as our reach has expanded from Minnesota to Louisiana and from Maryland to Arizona. Clark provides branding and payments processing services to nearly 1,000 locations and is expanding into new markets each year.

The Clark brand is The Choice of Independents.

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Clark Brands Acquires the Crown Family of Brands

Clark Brands, LLC and Crown Central LLC proudly announce the formation of a new company Clark Crown Brands, LLC. This new company, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Clark Brands, LLC, will be the new operating entity for the Crown brand licensing program. The new Clark Crown provides a powerful brand offering, and will ultimately result in increased services and benefits for Crown customers, while keeping costs as low as possible.