ControlScan Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliance

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) are a set of mandated guidelines that provide merchants with rules for physical, application and network security, as well as security policy management, which is required of all merchants.

The PCI Council was formed by the five major card brands (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and Japan Card) in 2004 to establish a standard set of guidelines around the handling of card holder data by merchants. To demonstrate compliance with these guidelines, merchants are required to submit an attestation of compliance annually.

Clark Crown has partnered with ControlScan to assist you in understanding and meeting the requirements needed to validate and maintain PCI compliance. ControlScan's easy-to-use solution and detailed level of support make achieving compliance less complicated. ControlScan's PCI 1-2-3 compliance program will provide you with access to:

It is YOUR responsibility, as a merchant accepting credit and debit card payments, to safeguard customer card data by becoming PCI compliant. Again, in order to comply with the card brands and avoid potentially hefty fines, Clark Crown Brands is requiring that all merchants meet PCI DSS requirements as soon as possible.

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